What Clients Are Saying

"Myong was an invaluable partner in my college search and essay writing process. The entire ordeal is tremendously complex, and having a guide makes it so much easier to avoid getting completely overwhelmed. There are many people out there who can serve in this ‘guide’ role, but Myong stands apart because of the amount of experience and care that goes into every one of her interactions. From essay brainstorming to college selection, I cannot emphasize how many things I would’ve done wrong or wouldn’t have known to do at all if Myong hadn’t put such a tremendous amount of work into understanding me and working through my specific challenges. Myong is a gem, and I cannot recommend her enough."
DF-G, Bainbridge High School Class of 2020, Olin College of Engineering Class of 2024

"Having Myong’s guidance throughout my entire college application process was an invaluable resource. Her kindness, genuine commitment to my future, and incredible writing instruction and editing skills relieved me of endless stress and anxiety while planning my future. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Myong has been calm, reassuring, and dedicated to my needs as a student and an individual. I have infinite gratitude and respect for Myong and her assistance in these last few months."
LA, Ashland High School Class of 2020, College of the Holy Cross Class of 2024

"I am so grateful to have been able to work with Myong on my college essays! She helped me develop my ideas into essays that I felt proud of and provided constant support and encouragement along the way."
VP, Bainbridge High School Class of 2019, Macalester College Class of 2023

"Under Myong’s guidance I noticed major improvements with my writing style and ability to convey ideas. She made the process less stressful and not only helped me with my essays, but with managing everything else that was due."
RF, Bainbridge High School Class of 2019, College of William and Mary Class of 2023

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful guidance, your insights and experience, your patient responses to frantic notes, and most of all for your belief in our daughter. You saved our family relationships from the stresses and strains, while guiding her in this great big step toward her future. Invaluable." EF, Parent, Bainbridge High School Class of 2019

"The college application process can be difficult and stressful to navigate. As someone who has been through the process, I now understand the value of an experienced individual who is able to: explain the process, provide guidance, and reject poor first drafts. After working with Myong, I can say with total confidence that her enthusiasm, experience, and dedication were not only well worth the time but truly inspirational."
JC, Bainbridge High School Class of 2018, California Maritime Academy Class of 2022

"We attended every college planning lecture offered by our high school and followed the recommended timeline to a 'T'. Yet our oldest daughter found herself seriously behind when starting the college application process. As highly educated parents, how were we caught largely unawares by the magnitude of the current admissions climate? Moving into full gear, we quickly realized intervention would be helpful to keep ourselves sane.

Enter Myong. We initially hired her for guidance on essay writing and SAT subject test prep, but soon realized her added value in college selection and application oversight. Her relevant knowledge and presence eased our family tensions considerably and allowed us to sleep at night. She consistently made herself available, and always when it mattered. We were moved by our daughter’s resulting essays; but Myong also knew how to help our daughter showcase her best throughout the entirety of applications, interviews and communications.

We are happy to report that in the end our daughter had many college options and selected one that met all of her goals: the College of William and Mary, known as “a public Ivy." And our second daughter…she will be starting her college process much earlier, and hopefully also under Myong’s guidance!"
JF, Parent of Bainbridge High School Class of 2019 Graduate, College of William and Mary Class of 2023